Rafael Auras

Associate Professor

Rafael Auras


Phone: 517-432-3254

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Rafael Auras is an Associate Professor in the School of Packaging at Michigan State University since 2004. He has authored or coauthored more than a hundred publications including an edited book, book chapters, patents, and peer reviewed articles. His research areas include mass transfer in polymers, biodegradable and compostable polymers, life cycle assessment, packaging waste, and sustainable packaging systems.

Instructional Activities:

PKG 470 Packaging Sustainability: Effects of packaging on sustainability and environmental quality. Solid waste and recycling. Air and water quality. Laws, economics and energy. Resource use and conservation. Life cycle analysis.   
PKG 490, Section 002 Directed Studies in Packaging Problems: Development of solutions to specific packaging problems. Supervised individual study.
PKG 825 Polymeric Packaging Materials: Physical, mechanical and chemical properties of packaging polymers and multilayer structures; relationship between properties and performance of packaging materials and systems; processing of packaging plastics.